Pursuing Dreams

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been working on one of my goals which is obtaining a degree. So today I would like talk to my parents that have been debating on going back to school but feel like there is no hope or that it is unachievable. First, I would like to say those “valid” reasons that you think are valid is actually what is holding you back. I had to realize that myself! For so long I wanted to go back to school, but I always told myself that I couldn’t because I didn’t have help with my kids, I had to work, I had to be available, I didn’t have the time, that it had been so long, etc. etc. I mean I came up with every reason to why I thought I couldn’t go back. Then one day I realized that it’s all about having faith. That those “valid” reasons was nothing more than just excuses because anything is possible right. So one day I decided to just apply and go for it and stop standing in my own way of excelling. Let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I constantly prayed that everything would fall in place. If you’re like me than you know that prayer works wonders. I literally took the first step of enrolling and everything started to just fall in place for me. To think that all of these years I’ve been wanting to go back and I just never took the initiative to try. WOW!

So I want to encourage you all to just try. Go for it! Give it your best shot! You will be surprised at what you can achieve if you just put forth the effort and have faith. I can’t express to you enough how self-doubt is the biggest dream killer. The only person putting limits on what you can accomplish is you. Believe in yourself! I’m not telling you that you won’t have some days where you question yourself as to why you even decided to go back, but in the end when you’re holding your degree, you will remember all of the long nights, tears, sacrifices, and most importantly you will look at your kids and you will realize that it was all worth it. Look I went to college and got pregnant & dropped out, tried online and quit, left an abusive relationship and tried to go back while being a single mother of 3 smalls one and gave up and failed out. I decided I had enough of feeling defeated and because of God’s grace my kids got to watch me watch across the stage as a Cum Laude graduate. YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR FUTURE! Plus, the wonderful thing about achieving something after you doubted yourself is that you just don’t want to stop there. It motivates you to keep pursuing for more and more because you realize that you can do it. On that note, keep pushing because you are DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! I am rooting for you!!

You Got This!!!

Have you ever felt so lost and disappointed in yourself because your life is not going how you pictured it would? Maybe you’ve been through more hell than you would have ever imagined you’ll go through. Maybe you’ve had bad relationship after bad relationship and you just can’t seem to find “the one”. Maybe you’ve had several jobs within the last few years and you’re down and out because at this age you seen yourself having a full education and being deep in your career. Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by. I’m here to tell you to pick your head up. Life ain’t easy and if you think all things go as planned than you are so wrong. One thing you should remember is YOU ARE NOT WEAK FOR STRUGGLING! At some point in everyone’s life they have struggled with something. Just know as long as you’re still breathing your life ain’t over!! In life you’re going to fight some pretty tough battles, but it is the way you ride those waves and storms that prove just how strong you are. That feeling of not being good enough, disappointment, and depression needs to end now. Pick yourself up and simply say, “I got this.” That degree you want, go get it. That career you want, apply the steps to get there. That relationship you’re dying for, pray on it and ask God to send you that man. Quit beating yourself up because you see other people your age living what seems to be their best life. You don’t know what it took for them to get there. Don’t let your struggles, fears, and disappointments hold you back any longer. Also, at the end of the day don’t forget to give yourself credit. Give yourself credit for all of the hell you’ve been through and you still haven’t given up. That alone is remarkable strength! So go be the person you know you can be, I’m rooting for you!

The Ugly Truth

Many of us have a hard time facing our own truth. Most of the time it has a lot to do with our past and things that we are ashamed, embarrassed, or even disappointed about that occurred. However, the beauty of our past is that it’s just that our past. It’s what I like to call “The Ugly Truth.” My past is not something to brag on. I mean I had kids at a young age, I experienced an abusive relationship from someone whom I thought loved me (ugly truth), and at the age I am now I thought I’ll be accomplished at something, but at the same time it made me into the person I am today. I mean my past is filled with terrible choices, but God’s grace saved me. Maybe you went through something as a child, experienced a terrible relationship that left you feeling like you weren’t worth anything, or simply just feeling like you failed at life. First I would like to say if you are reading this you’ve either overcame your situation or you’re in the process of overcoming your situation. Either way you are an amazing individual and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re not. If you’re having a hard time with yourself right now and you don’t know where to start, I would like to tell you to start by facing your own truth and then growing from it. Become confident within yourself and know that your past does not define you. You are more than anything you have been through and your worth is out of this world. Nobody else can define you! The beauty of it all is your life is not over. There’s still time to be the person you wanted to be. Personally, I turned all of my pain into my power. I literally could still be in that hole that I was in that every time it felt like I was taking a step out of I only fell deeper. BUT GOD! I decided I didn’t want to feel defeated anymore. I decided it was time to take a stand and quit “crying over spoiled milk.” I can’t speak for all, but when I think about my past and what I survived I get filled with joy. I am now living and evolving in MY truth because I’ve seen the bottom before and I didn’t like it’s views. I’m telling you today to face your “ugly truth” and GROW from it! If you feel like you have nobody just know I am rooting for you!!

Saying Goodbye to my Own Negativity!

I never realized how my own thoughts had so much power over my actions. Truthfully, I didn’t realize how negative my thoughts actually were. I have always been the one to be there for others and speak positivity into them. I’ll uplift them when they needed that reminder that they were more than how they felt or what they were going through. I was so quick to tell others that they can do everything they wanted to do and not to let nothing or nobody get in the way of their goals and dreams. I didn’t know that all of that love and support I poured into others I needed to pour into myself. How many of you can relate? It’s almost like it’s natural to put others before ourselves. Why are we our own worst critics? We tell others what they can do, but have a whole list of reasons of why we can’t do something. Be so proud of others, but yet feel like we have failed ourselves. We might want to go back to school or take on a different job, but find “excuses” not to go through with it.

My personal issue was I’m a single mom so I have always said, “No! I can’t do this and that because of my kids or I don’t have time.” I mean in my head they were valid excuses. I’ve come to realize that those “valid excuses” was nothing but me holding myself back. It was just me not believing in myself. I decided one day that my mindset had to change or I wasn’t going to advance in my life. You see those negative thoughts have the tendency to bring you down or just simply have you stuck. I didn’t want to be stuck anymore! You don’t have to be stuck anymore neither! Imagine if your friends came to you and was down because they didn’t feel like they could do something they really wanted to do and your response to them was that they shouldn’t try because they can’t do it and will not succeed. I mean that’s basically the same thing you tell yourself when you say you can’t do something. My point is you better learn to speak life into yourself! Turn your confidence level up! Turn them I cant’s into I can and I will. Most importantly, believe in YOURSELF like you believe in others!!!!! I am a work in progress, but this new joy that I have in MYSELF is a great feeling and I want you to experience that joy too! God gives each one of us a vision and I guarantee you He wouldn’t have given you your vision if He didn’t know you was capable of doing it. It’s up to YOU now! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


Sometimes you have to simply remind yourself just who you are and how much you love yourself. You ready to say it with me?! I am strong! I am brave! I am powerful! I am whole! I am worthy! I am special! I am talented! I am fearless! I am wise! I am not my past and my past does not define me! I am proud of me and my ability to keep going! I can do anything I want to do that I put my mind to! I am an achiever! Though I might have been knocked down a few times, I was brave enough to get back up and keep pushing! For that I am courageous! I am a fighter! I am a survivor! Tell me what I can’t do and I will show you what I can do! I don’t give up! I am not what anyone says about me! I am perfect in my imperfections! I am beautiful in my own way! I am my own sunshine and I am blessed! Most of all I am loved! Yes indeed I am loved by the most high! I am God’s child and today, right now, I declare that, “I AM ENOUGH.”